Mindfulness watch

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The history of a mindfulness watch


Time, a central theme that defines us and within which life takes place, the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end. Time is one of the most peculiar phenomena that can feel quite relative. A decade can rush by, while minutes sometimes creep by.


The need to keep track of time stems from the time of the Egyptians and Greeks. They discovered that when a stick was placed vertically in the ground, the position of the sun can be determined by the shadow and thus the time of day. This was the first timepiece born. Due to the changing of the seasons and longer days it was impossible to measure time accurately. The importance of time stemmed from the need to be able to determine when to sow and when to harvest.


It was not until the Middle Ages, around the 13th and 14th centuries, that an attempt was made in Europe to measure time more accurately. The first documentation around the clock dates from 1275 and was described by ‘Robert the Englishman’. He describes that the clockmakers of that time were in the process of developing a wheel that made one rotation per day, with which the days could be counted.


It is only when gears are used to measure time that it becomes possible to shift one tooth per unit of time. This is how the hours were born. Only much later during the development of the timepieces came the remaining units of time: half an hour, quarter, minute and much later the second.


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